PUNCH confirms submission of binding offer to acquire Nissan Zona Franca, Sant Andreu and Montcada sites




Barcelona, 15 July 2021


PUNCH confirms submission of binding offer to acquire Nissan Zona Franca, Sant Andreu and Montcada sites


  • Confirms intention to secure up to 1000 jobs by end 2023 and 2000 by end 2025
  • Investment program of up to € 650 m in new facilities, products and hydrogen technologies



Today the PUNCH Group confirmed its binding offer to acquire all facilities of Nissan in Catalonia: Zona Franca, Sant Andreu and Montcada. It will present the details of its proposal to the reindustrialization committee on the 22nd July.


PUNCH CEO Guido Dumarey said “We believe in the transition to a carbon free future through multiple technologies based on electricity and hydrogen. The facilities in Barcelona are perfect for PUNCH´s ambitions, taking into consideration our need for skilled labour and a strong supplier base. Our project will assure the employment of the majority of existing employees. It will also secure the supplier base. I am very much looking forward to presenting our project to the reindustrialisation committee, which is strongly committed to find a resilient and long-term future for the site. We are also happy that Dr Andy Palmer will lead the project for PUNCH in Barcelona having thorough knowledge of Nissan and especially its EV line-up."   




The PUNCH Group


PUNCH is an independent group with 40 years of experience in the automotive and technology industry, 100% owned by the Dumarey family from Belgium. The group employs 1,750 employees in 7 locations across Europe and Asia with an annual turnover over half a billion Euros.

PUNCH’s portfolio ranges from automatic transmissions and reducers for eAxles (PUNCH Powerglide), engines and control systems (PUNCH Torino), kinetic energy recuperation and storage systems (PUNCH Flybrid) to forged aluminium chassis parts (PUNCH Precision). PUNCH concentrated its existing expertise around hydrogen by creating PUNCH Hydrocells, which targets the development, supply and integration of hydrogen-based propulsion and energy storage systems, reinforcing the PUNCH group´s commitment to Zero Emission technology. PUNCH’s customer base includes renowned OEMs and automotive suppliers such as General Motors, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, TATA, SAIC, Changan, ZF or Marelli to name a few.