Our Vision

We see a future with sustainable mobility for all.

Our core values



Building on our passion and know-how, turning challenges into opportunities by leveraging proventechnologies with innovation.




Our core values

We have always been inspired by our founder Guido Dumarey, and while the group structure has evolved overthe time, the core values have been a compass for our corporate culture:

  • Creativity

  • Entrepreuneurship

  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Partnership

Guido Dumarey made his first acquisition back in 1983 - a small Belgian company specialising in screenprinting on glass. With the founding of the PUNCH brand, these investment activities became a business ontheir own right.

Guido Dumarey


“PUNCH has always sought to participate in promising technology companies to nurtnew opportunities in terms of markets, technologies or business models and ensuring tright place at the right time.
While our portfolio of companies has grown and changed over time, we have alwayvalues of entrepreneurship, creativity, efficiency, reliable partnership and the passithrough developing people.
Looking back on more than 35 years, I count myself lucky to have had the privileshare my passion for technology, innovation and quality, and looking ahead: There waiting ... ”

Guido Dumarey, CEO and Founder of the PUNCH Group